about SacRev

SacRev connects the people in Sacramento who are changing our city for the better through multimedia, video, articles, podcasts, events and tech conferences. We took this project from idea to reality. Starting with brainstorming sessions with the SacRev core team we built and identity and logo that represents progress in the Sacramento region. This identity is closely tied to community and human connections. It communicates pride in the Sacramento region and the importance of the people who make our city great with a core message of honesty and insightful reporting.

For the website we created a Wordpress solution to allow easy maintainability for the many content contributors. We focused on making the site viewable on all screen sizes from the beginning. The layout is content forward which easy filtering built in on to allow users access to the information that interests the most.

Technologies: Wordpress, Identity and Branding , Responsive Design, UX/UI, Analytics

Press: Sacramento Business Journal (Article)

Have a great idea? We would love to make it happen. ideas@rocketdept.com